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I am a retired physician who has always felt a strong drive to express myself artistically, even while in full-time practice.  I found the creative outlet I was seeking through clay, first in 1982 with sculpture, under the tutelage of Andrea Woodner, and then with pottery in 1985, guided by Judith Bieber.  Since 1985, I have devoted my efforts to producing functional ware. In 2011, a rekindling of my artistic origins started me in a new direction, incorporating sculpture into my functional pieces and creating freestanding sculptures as well.


Most of my sculptural works are of animals, both real and mythical.  I enjoy studying each creature in-depth so that I might capture its essence.  I am particularly intrigued that animals, like humans, have uniquely individual faces and bodies.  It is my goal to try to bring out the expressiveness of the animal’s personality along with its physical beauty and vitality.


All of my work, both functional and sculptural, is one of a kind.  In addition to expressing my creativity through shapes, I also find excitement in the combination and application of glazes.  I find myself pushing the envelope, looking for new ways to challenge myself and deepen my creative expression.  For me, communicating feelings and beauty are paramount and the driving force of my artistic expression. 

More of my work can be seen at City Potters.

events and awards



Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NYC


Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NYC



Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NYC



Tenri Cultural Institute of New York, NYC



Griffin Gallery, Madison, New Jersey



Griffin Gallery, Madison, New Jersey



Rhythmic Clay, Union Square Ceramic Center, NYC






The 37th Gangjin Celadon Festival International Potters Exhibit 
Gangjin, South Korea

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